Hello, I am Tina Carter, founder of PreciousPatchwork and here is the story of how PreciousPatchwork came to life.

My son Charlie was just a few days old he was diagnosed with meningitis, my heart was broken and if it wasn’t for the amazing doctors at Norfolk and Norwich hospital I don’t think my little monkey would be with me now. We spent the first month of Charlie’s life in hospital, attempting to create normality in a far from normal environment. He had blood test after blood test, and several lumber punctures as his body was so tiny it was difficult to get the needle into his spine. I was sat there watching him, holding his hand but helpless not knowing what, if anything, I could do to help my defenceless baby.

The only element of his life I had control over was dressing him, though one of his arms couldn’t be dressed as he had a cannula for his medicine, I took great delight in being able to get him ready for the day, despite the fact that we were going nowhere!

Every little memory from these precious weeks will be treasured forever, especially the memories his tiny clothes hold.

This led to a dilemma when he outgrew those special clothes, I couldn’t possibly sell them or give them away, and storing them wasn’t an option either! Having always had a passion for sewing, I decided to take the plunge and cut them up, attempting to create a memory blanket. After hours and hours of hard work, and a few tears, I had transformed his precious clothes into a blanket we could keep forever. He has slept with it every night since! It is his comfort when he is tired or poorly and we have the best cuddles under Charlie’s Precious blanket full of memories.

I have many years of sewing and creating beautiful things behind me, from blankets to children’s clothes, and have taken courses to perfect the art of patchwork. Continually building upon my knowledge, I now have a vast collection of sewing machines and fabrics to match!

I am very lucky my son is perfectly healthy, his special blanket has helped to bring closure to a traumatic event in our lives. With my son as my inspiration I want to pass the wonderful treasure of blankets full of memories to families all over the UK.