***Frequently Asked Questions!***

I get a TON of people emailing me with questions about my quilts. This is fabulous, of course, so i decided to make a FAQs section.


*How many pieces of clothing should I send? + Prices*

70cm by 70cm blanket approx- £80 (for memory blanket 15 items of clothing required)

90cm by 70cm blanket approx- £100 (for memory blanket 15-20 items of clothing required)

100cm by 100cm blanket approx- £120 (for memory blanket 20-25 items of clothing required

150cm by 100cm blanket approx- £160 (for memory blanket 25+ items of clothing required)

I can also make single, double, king & queen sized blankets

(please contact me for details)


*Can I send more than the minimum number listed?*

ABSOLUTELY! The minimum is really the bare minimum – the least that you should send – and I wanted to keep it as low as possible so that as many people as possible would be able to get the size they wanted. But the more you send, the more personality the quilt has (and the easier it is for me to piece it all together), so you can send up to double the listed amount if you want!

When I have lots of clothing, I will use all the cute parts first & generally leave out the solid white backs of onesies & t-shirts, etc.


*Can you use swimsuits/costumes/curtains/beads/a pillow/dance outfits/hand knitted items/lace/frilly dress?*

Simple – if it’s fabric, I can use it! I will find a way! If I can’t (and this has never happened – it’s just my escape clause) I’ll let you know and send the item back with your quilt (uncut/undamaged, of course).


*Can I organize my clothing from most important to least important, put notes on the clothing, etc?*

Sure!! Anything you want! Lots of people send 2 bags of clothes in the box – the “must-haves” and the “extras.” Other people pins notes to important pieces. Feel free to give me any guidance you would like!


*Do you ever have any special offers?*

I always give 10% off orders of multiple quilts. If you want to pair up with a friend & send your items in as one order, that’s great! I also always try to do discounted orders once I reach a milestone in Facebook likes!


Feel free to ask me anything at admin@preciouspatchwork.com